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Body Smarts 2017 Online Starts!

  • STARTJan 23rd - 7:30pm

  • ENDJan 23rd - 8:30pm


Alright Mama’s Body Smarts is coming!

What is Body Smarts you ask? Well it is 12 weeks of amazing fitness and nutrition education. Body Smarts is NOT A DIET! You will be educated on how to eat properly and how to fuel your body so it feels amazing! More energy ✔️ Clearer skin ✔️ Looser clothes ✔️ (most of our Mamas do end up losing weight through this program just by learning healthy eating tools)
Body Smarts was created by our fabulous OHM (Original Hot Mama), Lindsay Goulet, who has her PhD in Exercise Physiology and our fabulous registered dietitian, Katie Bate. All across Hot Mama we have had mass success with this program!
So what happens if I register? Well, we will go on an amazing 12 week journey together! (Yep, I’ll be doing it too) We will meet online 1 hour per week. Since we are ONLINE, anyone from ANYWHERE is welcome to join! Each week we will cover a different nutrition topic and go over the weekly goals. We will also focus on a different type of exercise each week and you will be tasked with completing them on your own time prior to the next meeting.
Hmmm what else? Oh! Since Body Smarts is done in partnership with a registered dietician a lot of benefits plans will cover some (or all!) of the cost! Woohoo!

Your body is MEANT TO FEEL GOOD! So who’s with me? Let’s do this and kick off 2017 right!

Still want to know more? Check out this great blog post about it! http://www.lindsaygee.ca/change-life-hot-mamas-nutrition-p…/

Email me at belinda@hotmamafit.com for more information and to answer any questions.


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January 23, 2017
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm